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Olymp Trade: Review of the Broker and Traders’ Opinions

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Having been founded in 2014, Olymp Trade is a noteworthy representative of the second generation of binary options brokers; by focusing on a single product and the usability of its trading platform, Olymp has managed to create a simple yet powerful trading solution that enabled it to grow exponentially on the international scene. Full review
Trading conditions
Tradable assets:
Option profitability:
Minimum deposit:
Minimum trade amount:
up to 80%
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Tradable assets:
Option profitability:
up to 80%
Minimum deposit:
Minimum trade amount:
Demo account:
Online registration:
Call support:
Chat with support:
Deposits and Withdrawals
Review of Olymp Trade
Broker rating: 3.9 / 5

1. General Information

Olymp Trade is a relatively new yet ambitious binary broker, combining industry best practices and innovative approach to establish a wholly new level of service quality. Both professional traders with many years of experience and beginners can try their hand here, as the platform offers a demo account, which can be used simultaneously with a real one, as well as plenty of tools aimed at analyzing and enhancing your understanding of the market.

Among this broker’s advantages are reduced minimum deposit amount, interactive education, analytics by professional traders, as well as operational efficiency of support service. Placing quality on the pedestal, has declared its vision as contributing to the development of the international binary options market.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Low minimum deposit: you can refill the trade account with as little as 10$ or 10€. The minimum trade amount is not high as well – 1$/1€.

Demo account: an advantage for the beginning traders. Unlike with most other brokers, here you can employ a demo account in parallel with a real one and use a special link to switch between the accounts. Each trader can experiment with 10,000 “demo-dollars” to build up their skills and test trading strategies.

Unique trading platform: Olymptrade has developed a proprietary trading platform which results in smooth operation and the possibility of implementing additional functions depending on the client requirements.

Availability of educational information: the broker provides an opportunity to take free trading lessons, browse market analytics and access trade signals for performing in-depth analysis.

Regulatory oversight: Olymptrade is regulated by the FRRMC (Financial Market Relations Regulation Center) reference number 0395AAVv0074, ensuring the reliability of the trading platform and providing its clients with such benefits as legal dispute settlement and deposit compensation in case of broker violations.

Welcome bonuses: up to a 50% bonus is available on first deposits, depending on the deposit amount. The bonus can be used for receiving additional profit – and itself is not available for withdrawal.

Free withdrawal: the company does not charge withdrawal fees.

No app for Windows: at present, the broker provides the mobile version of the trading platform, which can be accessed via any web browser. Stand-alone mobile applications for Android and iOS are available, yet a comprehensive app for the Windows environment is yet to be announced.

3. Trading Terms

Olymp Trade provides its clients with a wide range of tradable assets: 8 currency pairs as well as commodities, indices, individual stocks and the bitcoin index. The broker offers the classical “call/put” binary options, with the expiration time varying from one minute to three hours. You can start trading with as little as $10, and the lowest trade amount is $1, which enables testing and learning with a gradual growth of the trading balance.

4. Tradable Assets

Olymp Trade clients can trade the following currencies in their most popular combinations: EUR / USD / RUB / AUD / CAD / CHF / GBP / JPY; gold, silver and oil are also available. Moreover, the company offers trading in major stock indices, such as Dow Jones, DAX, S&P 500 and Nasdaq; finally, traders can choose from a wide range of individual company stocks, including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Facebook and other multinationals. Despite the moderate number of available assets, the broker covers most of trading demand by featuring all essential ones. Apart from the above, Olymp Trade also offers 24/7 trading in bitcoin.

5. Trading Platform

As mentioned above, Olymp’s trading platform has been developed by the company’s own programming team, which makes it much easier to apply internal corrections and amendments, as well as carry out technical updates. The broker offers iOS and Android mobile apps, and the browser version of the platform is also adapted for any screen resolution, which makes it possible to use the trading platform on smartphones and tablets with no inconveniences.

Olymp Trade focuses on the single trading tool – the classic “call/put” option; the platform offers 8 standardized expiration terms, with the longest being 3 hours and the shortest being 1 minute; traders can set their own timeframes as well. In this respect, the platform can still be considered quite minimalist due to the moderate choice of tools and assets, however, that same fact, together with the high level of usability, makes it an interesting option for beginner traders.

In case of a winning trade, the profit percentage varies between 10-80%, depending on the asset and current market conditions, such as volatility. After a losing trade, a small window appears, advising to proceed to the educational section or to get acquainted with the currently present automated signals. In the left part of Olymp’s trading screen, an indicator can be found with other traders’ current positions, which might also be used as a separate trading signal. Users are allowed to cancel trades up to ¾ into the life of an option.

The trading interface is refreshingly simple, neatly organized and easily understandable, yet lacks a “wow”-factor which might attract experienced traders; beginners, on the other hand, will find it to be a good potential introduction to the world of binary options trading.

6. Accounts, Deposits and Withdrawals

At present, the broker offers a single account type with a minimum deposit of $10/€10, with a sign-up bonus of up to 50% of the deposit sum. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn and is meant as an additional leverage which can help increase the profits – which, in turn, belong to the trader and can be withdrawn using the normal procedure. Regardless of the deposited sum, all clients are provided with educational materials as well as the market analytics and reviews compiled by professional traders.

Opening an account with Olymp Trade takes no more than 10 minutes; on the home page of the broker, click on the “Open an Account” button and type in the following personal information: first and last name, e-mail and telephone number; the same window allows you to choose between a USD and a EUR account.

The following means can be used to add and withdraw funds at Olymp Trade: Visa and MasterCard bank cards, Neteller, Skrill, and other electronic wallets. The withdrawal procedure is quite fast and simpler than that of most other binary options brokers.

7. Demo Trading

Unlike many other brokers, Olymp Trade provides an opportunity for its clients to experience the platform without depositing real money, using a demo account. After completing the registration, you get a virtual account of $10,000 with the same price quotes and no limitations on the functionality. The only difference between demo and real accounts is that the virtual funds cannot be converted into real money, and to start the real trading you need to make a real deposit.

After you’ve added funds to a real account, your demo account won’t disappear, which means you will be able to use it to test new trading strategies at any time. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping in mind that the demo account is currently non-refillable, i.e. you will not be able to reset the virtual money if your demo account balance runs down to zero.

8. Trader Education

Olymp Trade provides its clients with a complete set of learning materials – both for beginners and for professional traders. On the main page, you can see the links to two sections – “Education” and “Analytics”. The former offers videos with practical information, a glossary, FAQ section, as well as an electronic book written by the company’s analysts. Furthermore, the company runs regular webinars which offer additional practical information and an opportunity to ask a professional trader. The “Analytics” section contains a live chart with indicators and advanced analysis options, an economic calendar with signals from the data portal, as well as the most recent market analytics.

9. Should I Choose Olymp Trade?

Thanks to a wide range of timeframes and its minimalist focus, the trading platform is an interesting option for new traders to develop their skills and apply theoretical knowledge in both technical and fundamental analysis. In general, the broker has prepared a solid basis for beginners to make their first acquaintance with the art of financial trading; the level of quality, which can be seen in every aspect of the company’s activities, contains the potential to turn Olymp Trade into one of the leaders of the binary options market.

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Reviews on Olymp Trade

Comments about Olymp Trade
( 58 )
User rating: 4.6 / 5

Comments: 58

  1. avatar
    Agastia Sulaksana

    Hey, I’m Indonesian trader, I’ve been trading with Olymp for about 3 months now. And I have just made an important decision to be Olymp’s VIP member. As a VIP member, I don’t have to analyze everything by myself, cz there’s a manager that train me to analyze my trades and help me making decision. I hope, there will be some Indonesian speaking manager too soon lol. Btw, thanks for the risk-free trade, it has saved me from several bad analysis.

    • avatar
      Alfri Yanuwirawan

      I already a vip but never get a manager that train me. Where’s my manager?

  2. avatar

    I read it but how many days does requested withdrawal money come takes to come to visa card

    • avatar

      Usually i can see my fund on my e-wallet by just 1×24 hours or less

  3. avatar

    Withdraw pun cepat , i love olymtrade fulll

  4. avatar

    what is the profit percentage and investment duration time???

    • avatar
      Olymp Trade

      Hi Samuael,
      With a regular account, you can get up to 80% from each trade. And, if you use VIP, then it is boosted to 90%. Our trading time vary from 1 minute to 1 day. Hope it helps!

      • avatar

        Do you have fixed time expired?

  5. avatar

    What I liked from this broker was the web terminal. It’s good in that the history is fully reflected, not like with most other ones – only the last few candles. It’s also nice that there’s a timer which indicates the time that’s left till the end of expiration. The broker can be regulated, which is very cool!

    • avatar

      Bro test the demo account with auto binary signal to know how to trade well.

      • avatar

        Nasir can I trade for you..?

        • avatar

          Hello Nazril ….
          How are you doing ? What is your experience now are you making your profit now ….or do you want me to help you to trade ?

  6. avatar

    Can any one help me on how to score big profit? I’ve been an Olymp trader for 2 weeks now, but all I can gather is 78$ profit. I want moreeee

    • avatar

      Man, it’s simple. I only use one strategy so far, which is “trade on news”. Just follow their FB page and you can easily find this kind of post. They write what asset yu need to pick, whta time the news release and prediction according to the news release. Just see it for yourself, bro.

      • avatar

        Can’t find them in FB. What is the exact FB Page name? thanks.

  7. avatar
    Wil. Ruiz

    Does this trading company accept U.S. clients?

  8. avatar
    Nnaemeka Alika

    I have been trying to fund but am receiving transaction failed with bank card pls should I do

  9. avatar

    pls re direct me on how to sign up for olymp trade

  10. avatar

    I have a real account with I can’t say anything special about them. They’ve got regular trading conditions, a good range of instruments but a pretty standard one. Money is withdrawn within 24 hours and sometimes even within an hour! What is really good about them is the platform, it’s really convenient.

  11. avatar
    Shubham Srivastava

    What is the minimum amount which I can withdraw???

  12. avatar

    I’ve been trading actively on the OlympTrade platform since february of this year. At first I didn’t like the platform, but then I took a closer look and understood that it’s really cool. The platform is constantly developing, but continues to develope itself, taking into itself the newest developments, indicators, trading instruments. As an example – instant price fixation or Monay withdrawal in the evening in 15 minues, like I have. In a word, it’s a progressive broker.

  13. avatar

    How long does a deposit takes to reflect cause i made a deposit last night though my bitcoin account but it’s still not reflecting

  14. avatar

    Hi everyone! I started working with this broker recently, about 2 weeks ago. I have nothing bad to say about it, the platform is comfortable, I haven’t noticed any graph adjustments, the deals open immediately, you don’t have to wait 1-2 seconds for them to open. I advise Olymp Trade for work!

  15. avatar

    Am From Nigeria, can I participate and trade conveniently with olymp trade?

  16. avatar

    Please help. I read that if you deposit for example $50 using a bank card (visa/master card) you can only withdraw the same amount $50… Now how can I access the profit that I’ve made, otherwise it is useless…

  17. avatar

    What is the cheapest way to deposit in olymp by Indian account, given in olymp option neteller, epayment, webmoney etc charging high amount fee for deposit or withdrawal

  18. avatar
    Niforninui Ridley

    Hey guys ,,I am from Cameroon and the tips I see are really encouragingly good,,I wish a friend to guide me on trade,,I am new to this stuff and have not registered yet,, neither do I have a bank card,,would I really be able to register without it,rather is der an alternative way to pay in minimal deposits? Can I pay in via someone else’s bank card??

    • avatar
      Henrit Praveen

      Hi anjaly
      I Traded and got 130$ I withdraw 110$. Waiting the money to my wallet.

      • avatar

        Kya ye sahi hai

    • avatar
      Stifen smith

      If can you got 130$ in your account
      Is this true or not

  19. avatar
    Anjali Arora

    I am facing issue in withdrawal. Actually my wallet shows $56 , I transferred $12 to my account.

    $12 deducted from my account instead of credited. Please help me how to transfer to my account.


  20. avatar

    I Wanted to invest in olymp trade but first i wanted to know that what is the minimum withdrawal amount….

  21. avatar

    Apakah bonus onpay atau promo code bisa saya dapatkan untuk deposit pertama kapan saja?
    apa bedanya bonus onpay dan promo code untuk deposit pertama?

    • avatar
      Olymp Trade Indonesia

      Bisa, Mas Rahadian
      Sebagai informasi, Anda dapat melakukan deposit menggunakan pre-paid mastercard/VISA jenis apapun. Selain itu, mohon juga diingat untuk memilih metode deposit VISA/Mastercard ketika Anda melakukan deposit menggunakan kartu tersebut atau kartu pre-paid lain. Semoga membantu 🙂

  22. avatar

    Miin klo E-card yg prepaid BTPN bisa dipake deposit juga ga? Thankiiies

  23. avatar

    How do i deposit money in olymp from an indian account…??

  24. avatar

    After a year of trading here, I decided to spend a bit of money and get a vip account. Now the return on asset is about 90%,that’s one of the best rates out there. They withdraw money without delays. All in all, I haven’t had any problems.

  25. avatar

    Can anybody tell me how we can deposit if our currency is not in USD

  26. avatar

    Does we face problem to with draw money as we are from other country,

  27. avatar

    Is anyone got withdrawal If so how many days.

  28. avatar

    Hi Anjaly ,Is there anyone got withdrawal If so how many days.

  29. avatar

    do you have members in uganda, if yes connect them to me to train me

  30. avatar

    I am in Rwanda I have signed up and I tried to make trade by using demo so what can I do for using real account and I have master card and in our county we do not use us dollar in bank transition

  31. avatar
    Ajay Negi

    i recently opened a account in olymp trade and make deposite. Payment procedure is failed but they deduct amount from my account, Can they refund that amount and how can i deposite amount in olymp trade without extra amount.

  32. avatar

    As as indian, how can I join with olympic trade

  33. avatar

    as indian, how can I join with olympic trade i want to know more details about this can anyone explain me

    • avatar

      Hello pablo can you help me with your strategy

  34. avatar

    I’ve deposited 100$ just to check this broker out. I’ve immediately lost 60$ cause I traded without a strategy. So I thought I’d be more serious and added a couple of indicators to the chart and followed a strategy. And, oh my god, in a couple of days I traded back the money I lost. Later I already had 200$ in my account. I ordered my first withdrawal in a week. The money was transferred fast and without any problems.

  35. avatar

    All in all, the trading conditions are pretty standard here. I decided to trade here cause money withdrawal is pretty fast, plus, there are plenty of assets.

  36. avatar
    Ridwan Sidik

    Saya Lupa Kata Sandi Untuk Masuk Olymptrade, saya baru 1 kali Deposit tp sekarang saya Di Persulit untuk masuk kembali !!!
    Kirim lewat email tapi belum pernah ad solusi untuk masuk kembali !!!

    • avatar

      Pls I want to start trading, is bitcoin deposit accepted and how do I get paid?

      • avatar

        Yes bitcoin is accepted … If you need further assistance am here to help

  37. avatar
    Ivy Saltghost


  38. avatar

    PLease is the masterCard also used to withdraw profit?

  39. avatar
    Oluwatosin akande

    Am really impressed by with all this great commendation and if this plarform increases me financially, you will never regret having me as very best client…
    Wanna trade put me through…

  40. avatar
    Uday Bhaskar

    Can anyone tell me the minimum amount which can be withdrawn from olymp trade?

    • avatar
      Anil Saini

      10$ is the minimum amount to withdraw

  41. avatar
    Ayeni Felix

    i have tried multiple time to deposit but sayinh nt successful, or declined with my master card

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